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Multi-terminal support

OMail supports simultaneous operation on Windows/Mac/iPad/Mobile phones, For example, you can start the extraction task on a PC. Then, you can close the browser, and check the extraction progress in real time on a mobile phone. You can also start the extraction task on a mobile phone.

Search by country

Select country to search for email messages. The list of countries is displayed in both English and your native language for easy selection. If you want to extract objects to the city level, you can fill in city name in keywords, preferably in your native language.

Search Engine

OMail supports common search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL, ASK, and so on. It automatically removes the repeated email addresses, and internally integrates the multi-threaded extraction technologies at the industry-leading speed.

Custom Keywords/URL

The selection of keywords is very important. You can decide customer leads to be extracted according to keywords. For example, in the chemical industry, you can choose the keyword "wholesale of chemical materials". You can also directly enter URL for email retrieval. OMail will take a polling on all sub-pages under the URL, to retrieve the customer information that meets the requirements. Here, both http and https are supported.

Quick export

OMail supports exporting the mailing list to txt, csv and other formats. You can freely choose columns for export, e.g., emails only, or emails plus the corresponding URL. The advantage of doing this is to facilitate the import of Email Verifier interface for next-step operation.

Cloud storage

The extracted data is stored in the cloud, which can be downloaded or deleted anytime and anywhere. OMail allows you to view a mailing list for a single extraction task.

Start your free trial now!

Cloud based, No installation. No sign-up fees. No credit card required.

Extract emails from websites

Customer Testimonials

Mark Donovan

I am a wholesaler of hardware tools from the United States. We discovered OMail software from Google. We sorted out keywords related to hardware, and extracted them with OMail. We can obtain a lot of customer information every day. One thing we would like to remind you is: the choice of keywords is very important.

Muhammad Usman

I am a wholesalers of lamps and lanterns from Pakistan. OMail software can help me search for potential customers according to various keywords. It can conduct email searches by selecting different types and materials of lamps and lanterns, and also countries, which is many times faster than manual search.

Proton Atom

I am an E-commerce trader from the United Kingdom. I need to search for a large number of potential customers from all over the world every day. OMail software has fast extraction speed and strong keyword match capability. Very soon, we subscribed for this software, with which we find a lot of intentional customers every day.