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Great Features & Benefits

Multi-terminal support

OMail supports simultaneous operation on Windows/Mac/iPad/Mobile phones. For example, you can start the verification task on a PC and check the progress of verification in real time on a mobile phone. You can also start the verification task on a mobile phone.

Cloud storage

The verified data is stored in the cloud, and can be downloaded or deleted anytime and anywhere. OMail allows you to view a mailing list for a single verification task.

Simple operation

You can perform operation by just importing the mailing list from the text file and clicking "Start Verification", and view the verification progress in real time. You can also close the browser, while OMail will continue to perform verification tasks in the background. Once you log in to OMail next time, you can see the verification results.

Quick import

OMail enables the import of multiple TXT text files for email verification. There is no requirement for the format of file, which can be verified so long as the email address is stored in it. The system will automatically remove duplicate emails in the uploaded multiple text files.

Quick export

OMail supports exporting the mailing list to txt, csv and other formats. You can select the columns for export (email, status), or you can select the status of emails to be exported (Valid, Invalid, Unchecked).

Advanced performance

The system will maximally utilize network resources, to ensure that the software achieves the optimal email verification speed. If you are a paid user for the enterprise edition, you will also have your own dedicated verification server.

Start your free trial now!

Cloud based, No installation. No sign-up fees. No credit card required.

Customer Testimonials

Thomas Frank

OMail supports cloud verification, which is really convenient! OMail enables the download of verified mailing list anytime and anywhere. I really like this software.

Charlse Garret

I no longer have to worry about the network problem causing the inability to verify the email address. The cloud mode of OMail completely solves my problem.

Richard Jordan

OMail can help me get a valid mailing list quickly. My customer enquiry rate has increased from 6% to 23%!